Earlier, microbusiness was described as a very small business and some characteristics were given. The concept of microbusiness derives from the prefix "micro" used to describe extreme smallness, thus, a microbusiness is a very small business.

Following are some arbitrary characteristics of a microbusiness, based on observation:

- A microbusiness is too small to qualify for aid or subsidies from Government. It can, however, get Government contracts.

- A microbusiness has no more than five employees, including the owner.

- A microbusiness' sales do not exceed $500,000, in the first year of operations.

- A microbusiness is usually a sole ownership, but this is only secondary.

"Small is beautiful" applies to business only as a starting point, not as an end in itself.

Strong planning, well defined objectives and starting small have resulted in many a present day giant corporation.

The methods and principles outlined in this book have been tested for years, in successful businesses, small and large. Being in business helps the entrepreneur develop his skills, knowledge and attitudes, along positive lines. This is necessary to the continued success of whatever business venture he has undertaken.

I wish the new entrepreneur every possible success, the fulfillment of all his goals and much fun in doing so.

My special hope is that, in  this website, I have in some positive way, contributed to the better understanding of what business is all about, allowed the hesitant to take the plunge of launching a microbusiness and that, along the course of this work, the material has been faithful to the KISS principle.


Yves J. Bouchard