There is no start-up method which apply to all cases. I will use the information I gathered and my common sense to get started in the way that suits me and my business most.

There is however a logical and orderly way to do things. As I have done so far, i will try to proceed one step at a time.

The first thing I must do is to approach eventual lenders with my plans, if I have not yet done so. I will find out from them, what kind of support I can get, how much they are ready to lend me, what guarantees they want and what terms they offer. In my approach to lenders, I must be ready to support the information I am giving them on my business plans, but most importantly, I must show enthusiasm for my ideas. Enthusiasm, more than anything else, will influence them favorably. I must also be able to accept their criticisms, if these improve my plans and are generally helpful.

Once the funds have been secured, I can proceed with the location of my business, signing a lease, buying or building premises, proceeding with improvements to the lot and building. I must watch my expenses very closely, at this point, because, if I keep changing my mind, costs will soar and I will exceed my budget for this part of my plan. Extra expenses at this point mean less money to start and run my business later.

While building or improvements are proceeding, I will order and buy equipment, machinery, furniture and fixtures. I can also rent or lease these things. I will have made these decisions earlier. I must make sure that purchase or rental agreements include delivery dates that will coincide with improvements and building schedules. The walls must still be open to get equipment and machinery inside. Tearing down walls later may prove very costly.

Next, I will contact my suppliers and determine with their help my initial needs in merchandise and supplies to start my business. I will also determine such things as, terms of payment, delivery date for initial stock as well as further deliveries, and suppliers' promotional items available and when.

I will also let all public services know my telephone number, when power will be available, etc.

I will get the necessary invoices, cheques, purchase orders, letterhead and envelopes printed.

To facilitate this work, it would be advisable to keep a log or a notebook of all the people I must see, why and when.

About one month before I am scheduled to open my business, I will contact the media I intend to use to advertise. With the media people to help, I will devise an advertising campaign to announce the date of the opening and the promotion I have chosen.


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