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Before I take the final step, I must make one last effort to check back on the work I have accomplished, to verify if I have left nothing undone. All the parts of my whole must blend together without any contradictions.
Throughout the exercise, I have gained a lot of information and knowledge that I was unaware of, initially. I must now look at all my work to complete any information missing or to correct misconceptions.
The review exercise will also provide me with a fresh picture of the building blocks and foundation of my new business. Contrary to the recapitulations I went through after each chapter, this final look will unify everything I have done and the links between each part of the exercise will become more apparent. I have proved to myself that I can learn and that learning can be exciting, I must never forget that running my business, apart from other satisfactions, will be a continual learning experience and challenge. The day I refuse to learn more is the day I will have given up on my business.
The following is a list of questions about each step I have taken up to now, and my answers will provide me with additional information and insights into my business. Then I can proceed with confidence with my project.