The first answer that comes into my mind is ME!

However, I must remember that my job is made up of many facets. Some of these facets will require help from other people. I am aware that I do not know how to do everything. Let me review the principal parts of my job, as head of a business, which were outlined earlier.


 its functions

To plan:

To organize:

To coordinate:


The systematic look at what a given businessentity can do and achieve with what it has, the environment it operates in and the opportunities it can foresee.


The systematic grouping of people skilled in different disciplines of business and making them work toward a common objective as defined in the plan. The disciplines are basically the following:

Marketing: the selling and distribution of the product

Finance:    money and reserves

Production: means of fabrication

Personnel: who will do what and how?


The systematic reconciliation of efforts expendedby people in the business from different disciplines in order that these efforts benefit the business as a whole.


To control:        The measurement of the effectiveness of the efforts.


To direct:      The effective business decision making.

I am the only one who can determine if it will be necessary to hire anyone to start my business, I can consider hiring on a part time basis or to contract-out parts of the work I cannot do myself, or attempt to do everything myself, to start with.

Whatever I decide will have an impact on my business and I must be prepared to change my mind if events do not work out as originally planned. This could result from a more rapid growth than anticipated, or because, at a later date, I realize that I am neglecting an essential part of the business for lack of time or knowledge.

Apart from the five general tasks of running a business, here is a list of various of the hats I will have to wear, a few perhaps at the same time. These hats (management jobs) all are included in the management of an organization. They represent skills needed to do a good management job. I must not let this scare me, as all these skills are not needed at once.

HATS                    CAN I WEAR THEM?

Yes            No

General Manager

Sales Manager

Production Manager

Personnel Manager

Research Manager

Chief Engineer

Public Relations Manager

Client Relations Manager

Labour Relations Manager


Purchasing Manager

Training Manager



Office Supervisor

Advertising Manager

Collections Manager

Credit Manager

Chief Negotiator (bank, suppliers, etc.)

Maintenance Foreman

Quality Control Manager

I probably do not have these skills represented in the preceding list, but they are not all immediately required. Realizing that I am unable to accomplish everything, this list is useful in that it will help me establish priorities as my business develops. It will prove to be not only time-saving but also help me to avoid costly mistakes.

How do I intend to use this knowledge and fill the needs of the business, as they later arise? Again, I have several choices.

a)    Formal study to gain specific knowledge in an area. Maybe I hate study, or I don't have the time or this knowledge is too specialized.

b)    Ask around, discover who is good in what and prepare to hire to reinforce my team.

c)   Hire someone with one or more of the skills I don't have myself. At first, I might hire someone on a part time basis only, I then will have time to evaluate the contribution of my new employee, before offering a full time job.

d)   In accounting, I might consider contracting out the work rather than hiring someone outright, or I can also combine accounting with other office work from the same person (reception, typing, bookkeeping, etc.)

My analysis of my skills and the jobs to do can help me clarify my real needs. It can also help me contact people with the necessary talents and sound out reactions to my plans, gauge their interest in an eventual job offer.

The next chapter contains the last step before I am truly ready to start my business, it concerns a review of what has been done to date and a check that, in fact, it has been done.